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I was randomly going through YouTube today, and found out that on Lee Hana's Peppermint (Feb 20th 2009)
singers Wheesung and Lyn did covers of some really famous pop songs.

So here is the original version of 'So Hot' by Wonder Girls:

And the cover done by Wheesung and Lyn:

They also did Mirotic by DBSK.
Here's the original:

and the cover:

Overall, very interesting, isn't it??
Wheesung and Lyn are both really good singers.. though not so popular I guess, compared to the idols.
They should do Nobody by Wonder Girls too lol

Yuna Kim @ 2009 ISU World Championships

20090328 Short Program

Set another world record with 76.12!

20090329 Free Skating

Another world record: total of 207.71!
No one has ever been able to get over 200!!

<Pardon me for Korean videos but couldn't find any English ver?!>

Once I told my friend that I didn't like Yuna Kim.
Well, it wasn't in a sense like, "I don't like BoA" (because I really do NOT like BoA).
In my opinion, Yuna is a hard working, goal-driven girl who made Korea proud!
She is truly gorgeous on ice and very much humble.

What I don't like about her comes from the attitude of Koreans, I think.
Koreans tend to make everybody such big celebs..
I mean, I guess Yuna and Taehwan Park (2008 Beijing Olympics gold medalist swimmer) are celebs,
in a sense that they are well known and respected by the public.
But what Korean people do is that they treat them like actors and actresses, perhaps even idols.
Yuna doesn't have the face that typical Koreans would call pretty.
Look up Ga-in Han or Taehee Kim.. or other super famous Korean actresses!
They all have big eyes and westernized mask.
Yuna is super Asian looking (not that it is bad.).
It's just that.. people call some idols or actresses super ugly when they have small, narrow eyes like Yuna.
Yet they treat Yuna as a queen.. as a Goddess!
They call her gorgeous what ever she does and companies try their best to buy her face to sell their products.
I know that she is in the spotlight but don't make her sing on a variety show, okay?
Athelets are atheletes. Celebrities are celebrities.
Unless Yuna debuts as a celebrity, people shouldn't make her do that.
I dunno. Let her be, you know?

To Yuna:
Wonderful job throughout the season and thanks for all the happiness you brought to Korean citizens..
Especially after than loss during WBC 2009 finals.
Keep up the good work, and hopefully I'll be able to see you during 2010, here in Vancouver!

DBSK - so cute

Shortly after their debut.
Leader U-Know Yunho is trying to wake up Xiah Junsu.
The text says (roughly translated) "You're a good baby, aren't you?" "ZZZZ"
LOL I love how close they all are together...
From Daum Televizone, posted by 밤비

And somebody posted up how Hero Jaejung is so nice to Micky Yuchun and naughty to Max Changmin.
<Jaejung and Yuchun>

<Jaejung with Changmin>

From Daum Televizone, posted by 레몬캔디
Some people say it's because Changmin is Magnae (The youngest in the family, in this case DBSK)
so the Hyung(older brother called by males)s are trying to get him more involved and making him laugh. (aww :D)
Some people argue it is because Jaejung, considered the 'mother' of the group, is trying to keep the hierarchy lol
Although Yunho is the leader officially, many fans say that Changmin is the practical, most powerful of them all lol
in any case, they are so cute LOL


Back stage, where the Band was crammed into a little ghetto...
Our music, binded into a book.... <Reed 2: flute (?) clarinet alto>
I honestly have no idea why flute is a reed.. should've been "wood wind 2" or something.

I was sitting right beside the wall, the prop for the stage..
fortunately it had a sturdy 'shelf' so I put my stuff there, like water and pencil (for marking).
Oh, and my cell phone? Of course it was off! '_'a (nah it was on silent..to check the time lol)

What I can see from my seat (which was, at the very back of the ghetto)
You can barely see the conductor in the top photo (actually she's the sub conductor)
The bottom photo is at the end of the show, before the exit music
where they took off the black curtain to show the band and introduce the conductor.

Singin' in the Rain
Vanier Musical Production, 2008-9
March 26-28

It was really a new experience.
I auditioned because I missed playing in the band.
I love the sound of clarinet, and really, making music!
This was a lot different though.
At first I hated coming to the rehearsals because it was so boring!!
And all the other students were like the music students
who read music like me reading a Korean book!! :S
So talented, so scary....
Anyways, the show was really good though!
After rehearsing til around 1am it was getting really tiring but..
I enjoyed it. Show was funny, the actors were really good!
The other banders were cheerful folks full of jokes lol
I loved it when we had fun with the synthesizer's fake laugh thingy
and lipsyncing behind the wall...
Go on YouTube and search Singin' in the rain.
My favorite scene is where the song "Moses Supposes" come out.
LOL soooo funny.
Kudos to all that were involved!!
I'm definitely auditioning for next year's suite style!! lol

"Moses supposes his toeses are roses
Moses supposes erroneously.
But Moses he knowses his toeses aren't roses
As Moses supposes his toeses to be!"
LOL love saying that.

20090128 Koerner 1F

Buchanan Tower around 11:30 Pm, bright with lights setup

Daniel Henney shooting..
He was so far away that I had to zoom in all the way..
So hard to keep my arms from shaking when it was like -5' out without gloves or long pants.

Signed cellphones
The red one is mine. He signed mine first!! <3

LONG TIME AGO isn't this?? haha
Uhh so the staff and the cast of the movie Wolverine came to UBC to shoot a scene.
Didn't get to see my love Hugh Jackman (according to a staff member he never came to Vancouver)
I saw Daniel Henney~~ (Agent Zero)
HAHA I stayed out til about 1:00am, went back to dorm,
came out again around 3:00am to get an autograph!!
He was really nice, he signed my phone case too, and he used my sharpie!! <33
We followed him to his trailer but his manager stopped us and we talked to him for a while lol
The funny thing was that it started snowing...when the scene was supposed to be in Africa!! LOL

PS. Lots of bad mannered people there watching.
I am Korean and I cannot understand why some Koreans just HAVE to go about being all bitchy.
I was standing right against the blockade they had (a pretty good spot I'd say)
but I could not see anything because some Korean girls went inside the areas blocked off.
So I told them to move a little because people behind couldn't see anything
and they just looked around, gave me a glance and just resumed their chat!!
God that drove me crazy.
So I shouted out "You're not even allowed to be there so move your fat a$$!"
Again. They just like looked at me for a sec and turned back around.
Please people. You're not the only ones there or excited to see a celebrity.
Learn some manners. Stop ruining the image of Korea.

DBSK - Funny clips

↑ This is from Heroine 6, DBSK special, early 2006.
They are playing a game called "Let's catch the mouse"
and basically what you do is you call out how many mice there are
and go around the table saying either "I've got one" or "I've missed it"
until you 'catch' the number of mice that was called out earlier.
When all the mice are caught everyone says "Manse" (sort of like yay!)


↑ These two are from Banjun Drama, I think. (early 2006)
Apparently they have to act out a scene (in this case, a parady of the movie 'The King and the Clown') successfully in 10 tries
in order to go abroad for the next shoot.
I love it when Changmin (Max) gets angry lol.


HAHAHAHAHAHA omg, so cute.
UMM so basically, they are on some japanese talk show.
In the beginning, Micky (Yuchun) like murmurs something lol
(according to other comments on YouTube Micky was like half asleep the whole show lol)
Everybody's like ??? and starts to burst laughing out loud..
So then the host in the middle, she's like,
"well, it's really late right now.. You're up for now but sorry to keep you so late."
Micky goes again and says "Good evening, I'm DBSK's Yuchun... I don't do so well in the morning."
And Max (Changmin) on the very right says "lol it's night right now"
Yuchun's like ".... I don't do so well at night either..." LOL
And omg Xiah (Junsu) is like laughing so hard that he's hiding behind Hero (Jaejung)!
So the host is like "looks like you can't stop [laughing]" and Xiah squeezes out "Yuchun is funny".
The next scene they are trying to go on with the program and Xiah just bursts out laughing!! LOL
He just couldn't let go of the funny sleepy Micky lol and U-Know (Yunho) is like "why are you laughing lol"
The host is like O_O is something wrong??
So Max is like "Well nothing is wrong... but I didn't know that Japanese announcers (TV news anchors) are this funny."
Host's like "EEEEEEEEEEH ME???" and Micky is like "wait, you're an annoucer??" lol
The last scene, the host is like, "So please tell us today's keyword!"
Then Micky: "Sure. What keyword? (Hai. Donna keyword?)"

DBSK has officially became my power source. I'm up at 1am laughing like crazy.

DBSK - Love in the Ice Live (Japanese ver.)

I actually have only listened to Korean ver. for this but apparently the Jap ver. came out first.
Anyways, this proves DBSK can actually sing! <3

PS. somebody posted on the video, "I'm having orgasm!" LOL


Asian Kung-fu Generation - Hold Me Tight

No I am not an yaoi fan.

This is a video by some dude (girl?) for Kurogane X Fai tribute (Tsubasa Chronicles)...
(For those of you who doesn't know Tsubasa Chronicles, that blondie, Fai, is NOT a girl)
I was just looking for Asian Kung-Fu Generation's video but I guess they don't have any?
This is actually my first time seeing the anime for Tsubasa.. eww, it sucks..... what's with their eyes?
Fai is like 1000000X more girly... okay, maybe not that much, but he's still girlier in the anime...;;;
That is like SO ugly.. I <3 Shaorang-kun.

ANYWAYS the whole point is that I am very into this song lately.
My fav AKFG's song so far was Rewrite, but this is very good :D (Rewrite is still awesome)
And also N.G.S. is good too. Maybe I'll look that up next time...

This was a very random posting, I think... I should go to sleep...