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DBSK - Funny clips

↑ This is from Heroine 6, DBSK special, early 2006.
They are playing a game called "Let's catch the mouse"
and basically what you do is you call out how many mice there are
and go around the table saying either "I've got one" or "I've missed it"
until you 'catch' the number of mice that was called out earlier.
When all the mice are caught everyone says "Manse" (sort of like yay!)


↑ These two are from Banjun Drama, I think. (early 2006)
Apparently they have to act out a scene (in this case, a parady of the movie 'The King and the Clown') successfully in 10 tries
in order to go abroad for the next shoot.
I love it when Changmin (Max) gets angry lol.