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DBSK - so cute

Shortly after their debut.
Leader U-Know Yunho is trying to wake up Xiah Junsu.
The text says (roughly translated) "You're a good baby, aren't you?" "ZZZZ"
LOL I love how close they all are together...
From Daum Televizone, posted by 밤비

And somebody posted up how Hero Jaejung is so nice to Micky Yuchun and naughty to Max Changmin.
<Jaejung and Yuchun>

<Jaejung with Changmin>

From Daum Televizone, posted by 레몬캔디
Some people say it's because Changmin is Magnae (The youngest in the family, in this case DBSK)
so the Hyung(older brother called by males)s are trying to get him more involved and making him laugh. (aww :D)
Some people argue it is because Jaejung, considered the 'mother' of the group, is trying to keep the hierarchy lol
Although Yunho is the leader officially, many fans say that Changmin is the practical, most powerful of them all lol
in any case, they are so cute LOL