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Yuna Kim @ 2009 ISU World Championships

20090328 Short Program

Set another world record with 76.12!

20090329 Free Skating

Another world record: total of 207.71!
No one has ever been able to get over 200!!

<Pardon me for Korean videos but couldn't find any English ver?!>

Once I told my friend that I didn't like Yuna Kim.
Well, it wasn't in a sense like, "I don't like BoA" (because I really do NOT like BoA).
In my opinion, Yuna is a hard working, goal-driven girl who made Korea proud!
She is truly gorgeous on ice and very much humble.

What I don't like about her comes from the attitude of Koreans, I think.
Koreans tend to make everybody such big celebs..
I mean, I guess Yuna and Taehwan Park (2008 Beijing Olympics gold medalist swimmer) are celebs,
in a sense that they are well known and respected by the public.
But what Korean people do is that they treat them like actors and actresses, perhaps even idols.
Yuna doesn't have the face that typical Koreans would call pretty.
Look up Ga-in Han or Taehee Kim.. or other super famous Korean actresses!
They all have big eyes and westernized mask.
Yuna is super Asian looking (not that it is bad.).
It's just that.. people call some idols or actresses super ugly when they have small, narrow eyes like Yuna.
Yet they treat Yuna as a queen.. as a Goddess!
They call her gorgeous what ever she does and companies try their best to buy her face to sell their products.
I know that she is in the spotlight but don't make her sing on a variety show, okay?
Athelets are atheletes. Celebrities are celebrities.
Unless Yuna debuts as a celebrity, people shouldn't make her do that.
I dunno. Let her be, you know?

To Yuna:
Wonderful job throughout the season and thanks for all the happiness you brought to Korean citizens..
Especially after than loss during WBC 2009 finals.
Keep up the good work, and hopefully I'll be able to see you during 2010, here in Vancouver!


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Apr. 1st, 2009 07:08 am (UTC)
Holy crap

Go to school or something
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