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Buchanan Tower around 11:30 Pm, bright with lights setup

Daniel Henney shooting..
He was so far away that I had to zoom in all the way..
So hard to keep my arms from shaking when it was like -5' out without gloves or long pants.

Signed cellphones
The red one is mine. He signed mine first!! <3

LONG TIME AGO isn't this?? haha
Uhh so the staff and the cast of the movie Wolverine came to UBC to shoot a scene.
Didn't get to see my love Hugh Jackman (according to a staff member he never came to Vancouver)
I saw Daniel Henney~~ (Agent Zero)
HAHA I stayed out til about 1:00am, went back to dorm,
came out again around 3:00am to get an autograph!!
He was really nice, he signed my phone case too, and he used my sharpie!! <33
We followed him to his trailer but his manager stopped us and we talked to him for a while lol
The funny thing was that it started snowing...when the scene was supposed to be in Africa!! LOL

PS. Lots of bad mannered people there watching.
I am Korean and I cannot understand why some Koreans just HAVE to go about being all bitchy.
I was standing right against the blockade they had (a pretty good spot I'd say)
but I could not see anything because some Korean girls went inside the areas blocked off.
So I told them to move a little because people behind couldn't see anything
and they just looked around, gave me a glance and just resumed their chat!!
God that drove me crazy.
So I shouted out "You're not even allowed to be there so move your fat a$$!"
Again. They just like looked at me for a sec and turned back around.
Please people. You're not the only ones there or excited to see a celebrity.
Learn some manners. Stop ruining the image of Korea.


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Mar. 31st, 2009 07:56 pm (UTC)
ZOMG you got to see filming?!?! alksdjf;oawel THIS is what I'm missing out on, not being in BC DDDD:

Too bad Hugh Jackman wasn't there, but hey! That Daniel Henny guy? I looked up his imdb page, and he looks awfully familiar... Was he by any chance in some Korean dramas that I might've seen?
Apr. 1st, 2009 02:56 am (UTC)
haha, told ya you should've come to ubc.
apparently they are shooting the sequel to twilight in poco
if you're into that.

uhh to tell the truth i have never seen anything with Daniel Henney in it.
I know mostly through shows like entertainment news stuff..
and photo shoots with Gwyneth Peltrow...
thus i don't think you've seen any either lol
you might have had a glance at what jenny and frances were into..
Apr. 3rd, 2009 09:02 pm (UTC)
lol @ twilight. I heard about that, but that I'm glad I'm not there for.
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