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in ONE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, I can't die, I must watch this the day it comes out.
It's called the Public Enemies, directed by Michael Mann, in post-production for 2009~~ (July 1st to be exact)
Oh god, this is my absolute dream COME TRUE!!!!
hey and WAIT there's more: Channing Tatum is in it too!! :O
oh man, I wouldn't be surprised if I faint like 10 times even before buying my movie ticket...
and like 30 times during the movie but I really shouldn't because I'll miss all the pretty faces... D:

I believe that this will be a VERY GOOD film, besides the fact the two are in it,
just because I know that both Depp and Bale choose their scripts carefully and both star in quite unusual movies :D

Of course, it would've been perfect if my Goddess Charlize Theron was in it too :(

Why is Cosplay so wrong?

(From the left: Naruto from Naruto, Super Mario Brothers from the game Super Mario Brothers, and Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon)

With the rising popularity of Japanese animation (anime) and comic books (manga), cosplay at anime conventions are the most widely-done activity for fans. Not only in Japan anymore, the North American fans are dressing up as their favorite characters at North American anime conventions like the Anime Evolution held in Vancouver every summer, and even on Halloween, and these cosplayers are starting to build a large community.

           But now, with the activity known even to non-anime fans, these cosplayers are seen with biased view. Their photos can be easily found on Google images, with over 964,000 results. The opinions of non-anime fans including parents of many high school student cosplayers after seeing these photos are very stereotypical. Generally those opinions are one of the two: 1) it is a waste of time for students to be dressing up like silly girls and pretending to be somebody else, and/or 2) overweight and ugly people should never dress up as those big-eyed, good-bodied anime characters.

           Why don’t they think in another way? In my opinion – having cosplayed a few times myself – cosplaying is a good, healthy hobby for many and helps to develop confidence. Most of the cosplayers design and make the costumes themselves as well as preparing wigs and proper cosmetic products. Doing all this by oneself, isn’t it so much better than going out to drink and getting wasted? I believe that cosplaying teaches you to plan ahead, to work hard to get the result (in this case the look of the character) you wanted, and to be proud and confident of it while sharing a good time with others at the convention.The point of cosplay is to show your love and dedication towards the character(s). It is not about who looks better as which character; the cosplayer who put his or her effort and dedication to completing the costume and enjoy being that character always wins the competiton.

           There is nothing wrong with cosplay. It's the negative views people have around the cosplayers. But think about it - wouldn't you want to be somebody else for a day or two? It's a healthy practice, I'd say, to express the self that is deep down inside you and having fun. Laugh. Are you up to it? I am - see you at the next anime convention!

(A group cosplay of Gundam Seed Destiny)

(images taken from:
naruto-shippunden.blogspot.com, www.gamesane.net/funny/super-mario-bruthaz, www.crunchyroll.com, and http://picasaweb.google.com/kaige.net/Comiket73#5150428863483836482)

**Just in case the pdf files don't connect, here are the article titles: Urban Princesses: Performance and “Women’s Language” in Japan’s Gothic/Lolita Subculture / Weighing obesity stigma: the relative strength of
different forms of bias.


DBSK at SBS 가요대전 Festival

Okay, so here is my first ever idol group that I have (recently) became a fan of!
This is 東方神起 (read "Dong Bang Shin Gi", or for short, DBSK, DBSG, TVXQ in Chinese)!
This 5-guy idol group, under SM Entertainment Management, has been the biggest Korean Wave star since Yon-sama! lol.
They are big in China and Japan as well...
Oh yeah, and also they have a Guiness World Record for having the biggest fanbase in the world,
and that's only counting the official fanclub members in Korea and China! Wow.

Anyways, they've been around for a while, maybe like... 5 years?
When they debuted they were THE center of attention in Korea.
I never really got why they were so huge.. all my Korean girlfriends here were into them too...
For me, basically, I knew their group name. That was about it.
Like, seriously, what's up with their group name?, I thought. (means 'the rising gods of the east')
And that guy... the guy who's always in the center, what's up with his hair? He looks like a girl!!
(actually this changed after seeing Super Junior debut.. my Chinese friends thought the group had 12 guys and a girl, when it's actually 13 guys!)
I never watched any of their music videos, listened to any of their songs, like, nothing!
My brother was into them though.. I often had to hear their song banging out of his room.
And that was weird too, I mean, my brother. All the girls are into them... why's he into them?
I've heard of no guys, ZERO, who said they were DBSK's fan.. I mean... the group has pretty boys in it..

I never really liked any Idol groups to start off with.
In mid- to late-90s, 4 idol groups were so popular (boys: HOT and Sechs Kies, girls: FINKL and SES)
and while all my friends and classmates were singing along to the popsongs... I think I was listening to classical music... lol.
I liked FINKL though, I still have 2 of their albums.. lol
There's been a lot of idol groups out in Korea until now (and on going if I may say)..
Like, I dunno, Jewerly, Baby VOX, Super Junior, SS501, Big Bang, Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls... etc etc.
Seriously, if you debuted as a singer, please sing properly. You're a singer, you should know how.
This is getting worse. Like the ever-popular Wonder Girls? Oh please.
I have no clue how they became an idol group - singers!
These girls CANNOT sing (god please don't ruin my ears), CANNOT dance, and to me anyways, they are not even pretty.
And yet they are so popular... I guess it's their catchy songs... (try "Nobody")
This is the recent trend in Korean entertainment. They can't sing, they can maybe dance, all they are good for are their maybe-pretty faces!
And dear god, they are FREAKIN skinny.
I come to like an actor or a singer if they are actually really good at what they do (like Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Charlize Theron!!).
These idol groups totally oppose to what I want to see and that is very frustrating!!
All the good singers are pushed behind in music programs because people want to see visual stuff...
You know, with fancy dance moves and pretty clothings and flashy stages...

I think the first ever time that I watched DBSK on TV was like.. last december.. or something like that.
Two of them (U-Know and Xiah) were on "Family Outing", a Korean variety show, as guests.
They were good.. Funny, nice, good looking (at least U-Know.. lol)..
Then their 4th album came out (Mirotic).
My brother soon started listening to it, and on Perez Hilton, as comments to a video of Lee Hyo Ri's U-Go-Girl, people were recommending Mirotic by DBSK.. So I got curious.
To YouTube I went.. and... here I am :D
I think the song's catchy and good, and I LOVE their choreography!! So masculin... and hot... lol
I think that's what pulled me in, their dance.
They generally put up a very good performance.. I was surprised to find out that they can actually sing pretty well while dancing!
That got me more lol. An Idol group that can actually do those things!

This is a performance put on by DBSK fairly recently at SBS GaYoDaeJeon (Popular Songs Battle).
Maaannnn... soooo good...... (Wrong Number + Mirotic)
Elsa is annoyed by them, but really, you'll find yourself watching shows with them in it all the time :)

Autumn 2008


(c) Su Jin Christina Kim
taken at UBC

I love the splash of subtle colors of autumn...
And the fact that UBC is full of them!!

Wreck Beach

(c) Su Jin Christina Kim

taken at the Wreck Beach (September / October)..
I heard from somebody that you are not allowed to take pictures down there??
I wasn't sure so I just took some (it was really pretty)..
Not like I was taking pictures of naked people anyways.. :S

Bubble Monster Attack!!

(c) Su Jin Christina Kim
taken in the 4th floor lounge of Sherwood Lett House, Place Vanier, UBC

White Dots Falling Off of an Umbrella

(c) Su Jin Christina Kim
taken in the hallway of Sherwood Lett House, Place Vanier, UBC...

"The Day I Finally Put Up My Posters"


(c) Su Jin Christina Kim

September something, 2008..
I bought 3 posters over the weekend:
the Dark Knight♥, a sweet little girl on a motorcycle, and the Mister Man and Little Miss!
So cute >_<
So to celebrate their putting-up-on-the-wall, I drew a pic with all three of them!!
(Except the girl is my character, not the actuall girl on the poster >_>)
This became one of my favorite diary entries...~

Junior Bigband

A video of Korea Junior Bigband Jazz Concert.
Man, remembering back to the concerts we had at THSS gym and those grade 6's and 7's..
(no offense...)
These kids are so much better than I had imagined them to be!!
I wanted to hear some more of the Sing Sing Sing.. I can't believe they cut it off :(
They weren't perfect, of course not, but to be able to play that at that speed only,
just impresses me so much :D

Also, it brings back the good memories I had at THSS
and my love for the THSS jazz band and the Major Minors....


I never have imagined...

...that my first blog would be for an English 111 project...

Oh well. I was thinking of starting one anyways.
Let's see how far I go..